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Blog >>All about Terrorism Essay – Comprehensive Guide, Topics and Example

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 Admin  November 1, 2019  Essay Help

All about Terrorism Essay – Comprehensive Guide, Topics and Example

Composing an essay with no loose ends is undoubtedly no child's play. You need to keep so many things in mind. From coming up with an intriguing introduction to informative body paragraphs to a compelling conclusion; there are so many aspects to meet.Unless you can compose the perfect introduction, link it with informative body paragraphs and justify the topic in the concluding note, you won’t be able to secure the coveted grade. And when it comes to dealing with a sensitized matter such as Terrorism, you need to invest enough time in proper brainstorming and researching before you start writing the piece.To provide you with everything at your fingers, here we have discussed everything that you should know – basics, topics and a well-written sample.

The Basics of Composing an Essay on Terrorism

First things first, you need to treat essay topics on terrorism with utmost focus and diligence. There are a few segments you must pay heed to.
  • Productive brainstorming: You can include your friends and family members or decide to go solo during the brainstorming session. The idea is to ask a few questions and get answers for a better idea. Here’s what you need to cover:
  • Is the essay topic on terrorism rationally accepted?
  • Is the subject matter too controversial to dig?
  • Does it, in any way, try to point fingers at infamous terrorist organizations directly?
  • What is the ideal word count of the essay?
  • How much time would you need to complete the task?
  • Accumulation of references and research findings: Once you are done with the brainstorming session, it’s time to accumulate all relevant references and research findings. Reliable platforms such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Askia and Quora can be your go-to solution in this case.
  • Planning the perfect outline: Last but not the least; you should consider designing the perfect outline for your essay on terrorism before beginning with the exercise. Here are the key points to meet while drafting the essay outline.
  • The components of the introduction/ thesis statement
  • Points of references to be used in the body paragraphs
  • The research methodology you would implement
  • The primary context of discussion and the problem you wish to address through the essay
Once you are done with the essay outline, writing an essay on terrorism will get easier for you to deal with.

20 Essential Terrorism Essay Topics to Write About

If you cannot find an ideal topic on terrorism to write about, here is an updated list of terrorism essay topics to help you develop ideas faster and more effectively.
  1. What role did terrorism play in the creation and destruction in Israel?
  2. The world of cyber terrorism and its negative impact on our lifestyle
  3. What are the similarities and differences between terrorism and organized crime?
  4. The history and emergence of Jihadist movement in the world of terrorism
  5. Understanding the different terror networks and how each of them works
  6. What makes a terrorist? Is it an economic crisis or injustice?
  7. The history and emergence of suicide bombers
  8. Elaborating the 2008 Russian Cyber Campaign against Georgia
  9. The relationship between Al-Qaeda and Cyber Terrorism
  10. The role of international media and journalism in fuelling terrorism across the world
  11. Are terrorism and human trafficking related to each other?
  12. The different definitions of terrorism and its impact on the world of economy
  13. The threat of terrorism in the domain of international travel safety
  14. Is it possible to respond to terrorism without using violence?
  15. Can Hiroshima bombing be considered as an act of terrorism?
  16. Is there a justified method of fighting against terrorism?
  17. Does terrorism infest the media and entertainment industry?
  18. Suicide bombing and the psychological state of mind of the suicide bombers
  19. The similarities and differences between terrorists and mafias
  20. The impact of nuclear terrorism on the world.

Essay on Terrorism – Example

Title: The Impact of Global Terrorism on the Economy

 The high-profile terrorist attacks in Bangladesh, United States, Iraq, Istanbul and France are only among the thousand terrorist attacks that have plagued the entire world over the past few years. While the impact of terrorism on human lives is devastating, the economic impact is even larger. Terrorism creates a lot of market uncertainties. As a matter of fact, after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the financial markets were shut down after September 11. As a result, this brought a massive impact on the functionality of the government with a negative influence on the stock market index. This is one of the many implications of terrorism on the global economy. We shall explore different other facets with prospective remedies to the problem. It is said that during the time of conflicts, nervous citizens and reactive governments tend to be more inclined to give up political and economic freedoms in exchange for security. As a result, it could impact the economy with higher taxes, inflation and government deficits. During mishaps and emergencies, the government often implements different price control measures. In addition to it, the government could even decide to nationalize some of the industries to cope with the crisis. Apart from the nationalization of industries, inflation and government deficits, political risk remains as one of the most alarming impacts of global terrorism. It has been argued that terrorist activities also influenced government survival, as voters held politicians responsible for failing to provide national security. Several scholars have noted that the presence of an external threat to the country influences government formation. In case, the government turns out to be a passive supporter of a particular terrorist organization, then the entire political structure of the country can experience a massive downfall. This is again correlated to the political economy of a state or a nation. Moreover, terrorism impacts international tourism too. This may occur due to threats such as compromised trade routes and distribution processes. As a result, this may lead to lesser Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), especially in countries that are economically unstable. Global terrorism has only negative impacts on an economy. Thus, it’s time to put an end to such calamities once and for all. To start with, all government and privatized intelligence units must analyze and figure out why people are using terrorism as a language of protest. This calls for two major activities. Firstly, anti-terrorist squads must work closely with different research bodies to learn more about a particular government’s ideology and history. Secondly, economists must track their country’s progress in terms of financial gains and expenditure each year.  This will help you find out whether a particular terrorist organization is planning to bring down a country's economy to create their own. More importantly, one must focus on the aspect of facilitating education for all. Unless education is imparted to one and all, understanding the essentials of counterterrorism will be an intricate job. To end with, it is to be mentioned that terrorism is no less than a parasite that can devour a country’s growth and economic progress on a large scale. With so many revelations and prospective remedies to the threats as discussed in this essay, let’s hope for a better tomorrow for us and generations to follow.  

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