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Blog >>5 Top-Notch Tips To Write A Commendable Argumentative Essay (With Examples)

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5 Top-Notch Tips to Write a Commendable Argumentative Essay (With Examples)

Most students find it difficult to write a perfect argumentative essay. The reason is quite simple. A perfect argumentative essay requires a lot of research and consumes a lot of time. A writer composes the essay with the aim to convince the readers of his/her opinion.  As you can understand, it is difficult for students to write an essay that would attempt to convince the professors.

The following tips will help you to write a stellar argumentative essay that will make the readers take note of your essay:

Tip 1: Pick a topic that piques your interest

Select a topic that piques your interest. Since writing an argumentative essay requires an investment of time, make sure that you chose a topic that you find to be interesting. Do not select a topic that is too obscure or overdone. In both the cases, you may encounter problems in supporting your evidence.

But what makes a good topic?

Listed below are a few points that will help you to know about a good argumentative essay topic:

  • The topic must be controversial.
  • You should be able to argue for or against your chosen topic.
  • It must help you come up with three clear responses to your opinion.

Bonus Tip: Take help of a pro and con chart. It will help you to choose your topic. Sometimes making pro and con chart helps in organising the thoughts. It helps in deciding which argument is the strongest.

To get a better understanding, let us see the chart below.

Pros and Cons of legalising weed

Pros of legalising weed Cons of legalising weed
-Weeds, unlike alcohol, does not create violent or aggressive behaviour.
- If you legalise the commodity, you will take it out of the hands of criminals and put it in the hands of responsible adults.
Drug, violence, and crime go hand in hand.
- Smoked weeds like marijuana have a rapid onset. It brings quicker relief than its counterpart Marinol.
- People have better control over proper dosing.
Smoked weed like Marijuana is not a scientifically approved medicine. On the other hand, Marinol is approved by science.
- Alcohol and tobacco use can be more addictive and harmful than the drugs that are legal Scientifically unapproved drugs are illegal because they are harmful.


 Table 1. Example of a Pro and Con chart

Tip 2: Hook your readers from the beginning

A catchy title can serve the purpose of attracting the readers. Develop an eye-catching title to hook your readers into wanting to read more. Usually, an academic argumentative essay has two parts in a title, separated by a colon. The first part usually consists of a pun or a quote and the second part provides the detail about the argument. Select the title and have relevant facts to back it up.


Tip 3: Focus on your audience

Understanding your audience is an important aspect of writing an argumentative essay. Before you start writing your argumentative essay, keep your readers in mind. If you are writing the essay for your university, then your readers will be your teacher or your classmates. So, focus on them, since the background of the people and their experience often influence how they will react to a particular view different from their own.

If your audience is your teacher or classmate, you can write about –

-    Importance of Physical education in the school system.

-    How students add up to nature’s safety?

-    Pros and cons of using mobile phones.

-    Censorship of the Internet – Is it necessary?

-    Will students start marrying their computers in future?


Tip 4: Pick 3 strong arguments

To write a stellar argumentative essay, you need to pick at least three strong arguments. The arguments must support your opinion. Make sure that you have enough facts and information to back your support. Look at your opponent’s list and find the arguments that relate to your arguments. While going through them, see how your evidence can outweigh.

Tip 5: Revise the essay

Revising is one of the vital parts of writing an essay. While revising the essay, make sure that you do not miss out on any information. To find out errors and mistakes, wait at least a day before you take a second look at your essay. Look at the essay with a fresh eye to spot the errors that you previously overlooked. It will help you to present what you meant to say, rather than what you said. Check your essay thoroughly to spot errors in the citation, grammatical errors, issues with a sentence fragment, subject-verb agreement, punctuation errors, etc.

Are you still finding it difficult to write a stellar argumentative essay? Check out the argumentative essay examples given below.

Argumentative Essay Example

Topic – Should Students Access the Internet?

Nowadays, more than half of the world’s student population is active online. But it does not mean that all students use the Internet to serve the same purpose. The internet can vary greatly depending on your choice. This is why governments of most countries are filtered websites that can do more harm than good.

Students cannot resist the allure of the internet. The attractive website designs and a large amount of information at hand exploits the weakest links embedded in the student’s psychology. It leads to behavioural addiction and dependence. It mostly happens to school goers, teens and adults. But it is true that not everyone who is online is addicted. However good the internet might appear to you, the uglier side of the internet should also be reviewed carefully. It will actually help you to determine whether students should be allowed to access the internet or not.

Most of the students lack the maturity to make the best use of the internet. They tend to access inappropriate content such as violent videos, crime videos, pornography, etc. There are many cases when students accidentally expose themselves to explicit contents. These students are more prone to committing crimes.

Cyberbullying is another quite similar issue that students face these days. Young children are falling victim to cyberbullying in the UAE. A child psychologist in Dubai said she has dealt with cyberbullying cases that involved children of six years old.[1] Bullying on the internet is perpetrated by people who make fake profiles in social media sites and post harmful comments, send fake emails and posts fake videos. Students who fail to avoid the traps set by the fake profile holders take to self-harm or commit suicide out of desperation. The New Indian Express says that due to a troll on social media, a 20-year-old NRI girl in Sharjah decided to kill herself. [2]

Another issue that most students face while using the internet is being subjected to unsolicited advertising and privacy issues. Students come across many commercial websites on the internet that invade their privacy by requesting their personal information. They are encouraged to complete questionnaires that reveal information about their personal details. Students who share their personal information are exploited to the extent that it scars them for life.

Apparently, the disadvantages of using the internet outweigh the advantages. The negative consequences can be avoided easily if students get the right guidance from their parents and teachers. Every student must take the time to consider the dark side of the internet before embracing the World Wide Web.


  1. Anam Rizvi, November 27, 2018. “Children as young as six falling victim to cyberbullying in UAE, says expert”retrieved from
  2. The New Indian Express, December 22, 2018. “Trolled on social media, NRI girl in UAE planned to live stream suicide, saved in nick of time” retrieved from

I hope the tips and examples listed above helped you to gain proper insight regarding how to write an argumentative essay.

Do let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below.


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