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Blog >>50+ Discursive Essay Topics That Could Pick Up A Good Fight

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50+ Discursive Essay Topics That Could Pick Up A Good Fight


The most difficult part of writing a discursive essay is choosing the right topic. Not to forget, the success of your essay largely depends on the credibility of the topic. If you need help with topics for your discursive essay, take ideas from the 50+ discursive essay topics listed in this blog.

Before starting with the topics, you must understand what makes a discursive essay different from other types of essay. A discursive essay is all about exploring a controversial or debatable topic in an unbiased manner. You can’t take sides while writing the essay.

The main aim of a discursive essay is to provoke thoughts in the minds of your readers. You must provide arguments in support of and against your topic.

Discursive Essay Writing Must Consist Of The Following:

  • Controversies- Choose a topic that can spark debate instantly. You must choose a topic that your people can connect to very strongly.
  • Supporting evidence- You need to provide real and valid supporting evidence for both sides of your argument. Research thoroughly to come up with unique facts for the essay.
  • Unbiased structure- Keep the arguments impartial and balanced. Your personal opinion is not required. Keep it away from the writing.

Are Discursive Essays Similar To Persuasive Essays?

Both these essay types have their own share of differences. Check out this chart here to understand the differences.

Discursive Essays

Persuasive Essays

You need to remain detached and neutral while writing on the topic.

Your opinions and personality should reflect in the writing.

You need to treat all sides of the argument equally.

You need to take a stand and convince the readers to agree with your perspective.

List the most important points first while writing this essay.

Build a line of argument by structuring the points logically.

Inform the readers about the issues by providing relevant details.

Persuade the readers of your opinion by using a persuasive language.

Table 1: Differences between Discursive and Persuasive Essays


Many students often get confused with the two and end up following the wrong format. You can write this difference down and stick it somewhere in your room. This way, you won’t lose focus while writing the essay.

5 Tips to Remember While Choosing a Topic for Your Discursive Essay

You should choose a topic that interests you. What’s next? Create a list of controversial topics that have for and against arguments. You can write the essays more convincingly if the topics affect you personally.

Make sure your topic is:

  • Controversial and open to debate
  • Interesting to you and the reader
  • Allows you to research and develop genuine insight and in-depth knowledge
  • Worth writing about (Trending)


Here is a little activity for you to choose the topic for your discursive essay.

Say you have chosen a topic, ‘Can celebrities be considered good role models for the younger generations in today’s society?’

Your initial responses:

  • Why? Examples & Evidence.
  • Why? Examples & Evidence.

Now make a chart and list down your evidence and examples for both the groups. Make sure you find an equal number of evidence for both the groups. Only then start writing on the topic.

50+ Discursive Essay Topics to Get You Started

Now that you know everything about a discursive essay, let us start with the topic ideas. You will find 50+ topics for your discursive essay in this post. Go through the suggestions and choose your topic carefully.  

  1. What do you think is more important in freelance writing: Graphics or Content?
  2. Do video games have a negative effect on the holistic development of children?
  3. Are we evolving towards a better place to live?
  4. Should there be any rule to ban or limit the use of fossil fuels to run vehicles?
  5. Do sports that include physical contact with the player encourage aggression?
  6. Should college classrooms allow smartphones?
  7. Is it necessary to improvise the sport of golf to make it faster than it currently is?
  8. Irrespective of gestation, should women be allowed to have abortion?
  9. Are school uniforms an expense for the underprivileged families?
  10. Does technology make an individual alone?
  11. Is it okay to allow regulated use of steroids for the athletes?
  12. Is it possible to be in a society that is fully based on matriarchy?
  13. Should the shearing of lambs for winter clothes be banned?
  14. Which one deserves more emphasis: improvement of society or the individual?
  15. Are joint families more ideal than nuclear families?
  16. Are apps of help or just a waste of time?
  17. Can a computer match its grading capacity and intelligence to that of a human?
  18. Should the web filters be more restricted or relaxed at school?
  19. Are online tutoring sessions more effective than the traditional system of education?
  20. Who do you think was the world’s worst dictator?
  21. Should armed forces use chemical weapons in the event of war?
  22. Is it essential for governments to interfere in economic markets?
  23. Which was the most destructive war in human history: World War I or II?
  24. Should bankers who cause the global financial downturn get bonuses?
  25. Are house prices too high these days?
  26. Is it important to learn about religion for students in school?
  27. Despite the condemnations received due to the human medical experiments conducted by the Nazis, did they have a good impact on the future of mankind?
  28. Is the modern educational system of the United States failing young people?
  29. Should the learning of a new language be mandatory as a part of the education in schools?
  30. Will the safe sex education in school be of help to the students?
  31. Did the Russian Revolution of 1917 enhance the living standards of human beings?
  32. Conduct experiments on animals is nothing but cruelty. Discuss.
  33. Are modern engineering techniques more effective than what it was?
  34. Do smartphones have a positive effect on society?
  35. Is the young generation involved in sports as much as they should?
  36. Was the space race of the 60s and 50s worth it?
  37. Is it mandatory for houses to be built on environmentally friendly products?
  38. Should Internet trolls get tough prison sentences because of bullying others?
  39. Are modern technological devices built to last?
  40. Should more steps be taken to safeguard the Internet?
  41. Should the less popular sports receive more funds from the Government?
  42. Should the rules of dangerous sports be modified to provide safety to the participants?
  43. Which one is worse: blue-collar crime or white collar crime?
  44. Should tax breaks be given to small business owners?
  45. Do scientists get paid enough?
  46. Do big businesses pay enough taxes?
  47. Is it okay for the poorest in the society to pay income taxes?
  48. Should a country invest more in science than what they do in the military field?
  49. Does devolution exist?
  50. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  51. Is it essential for all the countries to provide free healthcare?
  52. Do people misunderstand the explanations of a scientific theory?
  53. Should the younger generation learn more about healthy cooking and nutrition at school?
  54. Should men be offered more protection than what they currently receive in relation to domestic violence?
  55. Is social media playing a role in making us more narcissistic?
  56. Has Facebook lost its edge?
  57. Are digital photographs too plentiful to be meaningful?
  58. Can cell phones be used as educational tools?
  59. Does reality TV encourage dangerous stereotypes?
  60. Does TV highlight the diversity of America Yet?
  61. Are video games a sport?
  62. Do violent video games make people violent in real lives?
  63. Do we still need libraries?
  64. Does pop culture require a serious study?
  65. Is modern culture ruining childhood?
  66. Should Kindergarten be more about Literacy than Play?
  67. Do classroom decorations affect a student’s learning capability?
  68. Is it ethical to engineer animals genetically?
  69. Should scientists try to help people beat old age to let them live longer lives?
  70. Is America headed in the right direction?
  71. Which one is more practical: to be dishonest and rich or honest and poor?
  72. Is it appropriate to use torture as a part of national security measures?
  73. Do our genes solely determine our behavioural patterns?
  74. Is technology getting in the way of learning?
  75. Should ID cards of students come with a tracking device?
  76. The lifestyle of teenagers needs to be blamed if he/she suffers from obesity. Discuss.
  77. The fundamental role of a woman hasn’t changed and won’t change in the coming 20 years. Explain.

These are some of the best topics to write a stellar discursive essay. However, don’t start writing right after selecting the topic. Plan the structure of your essay first. Usually, a discursive essay consists of an introduction, 6 key paragraphs (3 FOR and 3 AGAINST) and a conclusion. Use the evidence to back up both sides of the argument. Do not forget to create a bibliography and add it to the end of your essay.

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