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Blog >>Step-by-Step Guide And Examples To Write A Stellar Essay On Bullying

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Step-by-Step Guide and Examples to Write a Stellar Essay on Bullying

Bullying can put students in mental agony and anxiety for years. Constant bullying can push victims beyond their level of tolerance and compel them to take extreme measures to hurt themselves. Writing about this highly sensitive issue in an essay can be quite daunting for most of the students. If you are looking for help, this blog can be an easy guide for you. Given below are the tips to write a stellar cause and effect essay.

  1. Start with a strong introduction

The introduction is an essential part of your essay. The image below can help you understand the basic requirements of an introduction.



Read the introduction sample given below:

‘Bullying is a severe problem in schools, homes and workplaces. Some might dismiss the act of bullying as a mere adolescent ‘rite of passage’. Research clearly shows that bullying is a learned behaviour and is detrimental to the physical, social, academic and emotional development of the victims. Despite countless anti-bullying programs, bullying prevails in our schools, workplaces and culture. It is not just a problem of the youth, but spans across all age groups. To nip the problem of bullying right in the bud, we need to identify the primary causes that motivate the bully and the effects on the victim.’

An introduction should consist of three crucial elements.

  • Opening statement (coloured in yellow) - This acts as the hook to attract the reader’s attention. It should highlight the context of your essay as shown in the example.
  • Supporting statement (coloured in green) - This section adds more insights into the points that you will cover in the essay. It links the opening statement to the thesis statement.
  • Thesis statement (coloured in purple) - This conveys the primary purpose and plan of your essay.

Keep these points in mind while writing the introduction for your essay on bullying. These three statements make an introduction compact, compelling and strong. Your professors would be floored by the impressive introduction right away.

Now, let us move on to the main body of your essay.

  1. Highlight Facts, Statistics and Examples in the Body of the Essay

The body of the essay is where you need to describe the key points related to your topic. You need to persuade the readers of your point of view using the main section of your essay. Use relevant examples and facts to support the arguments that you make in the essay. Check out 3 significant elements that your body paragraphs should have:


You can divide the main part of your essay into a minimum of 3 body paragraphs. High school students can stick to 3 and university students can use 5 paragraphs.

Merely stating the facts will not do. You have to organise the information so that it appeals to the readers. Look at the example here.

‘Causes and Effects of Different Types of Bullying

What makes a bully? Why does a bully tend to bring down someone with no promise of benefits? There are various forms of bullying and all of them are wrong. Let’s analyse the probable causes of each form. It will help us come up with a feasible solution to curb down this activity once and for all.’

This is how you should introduce your readers to the main body of the essay. Check out the reasons for each type of bullying in the examples given below.

‘Bullying at school: Causes

Bullying at school isn’t a rare scenario. A leader who gets a few other students to join in on the act of bullying usually starts it. Some of the most common causes that motivate students to bully their classmates are:

  • Insecurity and lack of confidence- Most of the bullies are insecure and they lack confidence. Bullying helps them to impress other students. Their violent actions on the innocent students make them feel powerful and popular. Bullies mostly pick on students who are weak, timid or unpopular with their peers.
  • Insufficient attention at home- The bullies may want to get noticed because they don’t get attention at home. They might have working parents or might come from a broken family. This makes them envious of children who have happy families. As a result, they end up bullying other kids in an attempt to take revenge.’

The example clearly explains the most common causes of bullying at schools. You can see the use of relevant facts in support of each cause. The readers can relate to the points rather than being confused. The transition from one point to another makes sense. Readers can easily switch from one idea to the next. Check out the example of the effects of bullying on students.

‘Bullying at school: Effects

  • Poor academic achievement- Bullied students lose focus on studies. They grow a greater dislike for schools and have lower academic achievement. As per a study conducted by CNN, nearly a quarter of students experienced chronic bullying throughout their school years.
  • Suicidal tendencies- The pain of losing a child is unfathomable. According to an article by Psychology Today, the rate of suicide among teenagers has increased due to bullying. This article also explains the role of schools in preventing such tragedies.’

Now, let us proceed to the second topic of our essay.

Bullying at the workplace: Effects

Bullying can occur everywhere and affect people of different ages. Bullies can threaten a child at school and can intimidate colleagues at the workplace. According to an article published in Aggression and Violent Behaviour, aggressive behaviour at the workplace has been labelled as harassment, emotional, incivility, abusive, etc. All the actions lead to letting down of the victim by one or more colleagues.’

The more examples you provide, the more credible your essay will be. This example has talked about a reference article to convince the readers of your valuable opinion. Take your time and find credible information that you can use in the essay.

  • ‘Job insecurity and workload- Bullying is usually associated with workplaces due to multiple work-related factors and stressors. Some of which are job insecurity, role conflict, workload and cognitive demands of the job.
  • Personality factors- Neurotic employees or the ones who experience negative situations in the office are more likely to face bullies. That means, if an employee encounters negative situations in the office, chances of him getting bullied increases.’

Be very clear when you present your opinions in the body paragraphs. Do not include any irrelevant data or something that you don’t know about. For instance, you can write about bullies being ignored by families and showing their frustration at the workplace. If you use general information without providing information that backs your statement, your readers would definitely understand that you have stretched the writing to meet the word count. So, make sure that you include relevant details. Read the example given below:

‘Bullying at the workplace: Effects

  • Severe physical and psychological symptoms- Victims can fall sick both physically and psychologically. The problems might take the shape of headaches, type II diabetes, anxiety, chronic neck pain, suicidal ideation and post-traumatic stress symptoms.
  • Poor work-related responses- Bullied people are most likely to have less commitment to work and feel unhappy about their job. The rate of absenteeism might increase, or they might become recipients of disability pension.

Before you indulge in the process of writing, you have to understand the importance of organising your ideas in the main part of the essay. You can create an outline and then start writing. After the body paragraphs, it is time to write the conclusion.

  1. Use the conclusion to empathise and suggest actions

Consider your conclusion as the section to wrap-up your essay. Keep the language empathetic and maintain the flow of your writing. Share ways to tackle the problem and inspire the victims to stay strong. Given below is an example of a stellar conclusion:

`Wrapping it up

Be it at the school or at the workplace, bullying has some serious consequences. The anti-bullying interventions might fail to eliminate the problem. However, the programs might help to discourage bullies and encourage the victims to fight negative situations.

Regular counselling sessions should be conducted to improve communication between students and teachers. Parents need to interact with their kids on a regular basis. Victims should surround themselves with positive energy to overcome the harms of bullying.’

Here are some extra tips to write a compelling conclusion.

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