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Blog >>The Different Components Of An Excellent Essay

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The Different Components of an Excellent Essay

Essays are an intrinsic part of our academic years, and we begin to write them from the preliminary levels. Essay help students to get acquainted with lengthy and critical writing. And yes, it is not one of the tasks that are loved by students.  Adding to this, the difficulty level of writing essay increases as a student moves up to the college and university. However, it is crucial to writing high-quality essays in order to achieve better scores. And the key to composing an essay assignment that helps to get the highest grades is to have a good knowledge about its correct structure or components.


What are the various parts of an essay?

Through essays, the writer tries to inform or persuade the readers to believe in an argument. The essay must be formatted in a way that the information flows logically and smoothly. Although there is no stringent rule about how to structure an essay, generally, it will consist of three segments:

  • The introduction
  • The body paragraphs
  • The Conclusion

Now, what needs to be included in these parts will depend highly on the type of essay one is writing. Essays can be of several kinds such as,

  • Descriptive
  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Argumentative
  • Compare and contrast
  • Cause and effect
  • Critical

But generally, the three parts consist of specific information which is common among all essays.

Let us now see how to write each section of an essay.

The Introduction

An essay begins with the introduction. It will tell the reader what topic or subject is and in which manner it will be presented. Usually, the introduction consists of three parts,

  • Starting statement- Also called ‘the hook’, this sentence must be attention grabber which will make the readers think that the essay.
  • Supporting sentences- These lines are supposed to create a connection between the opening statement and the thesis.
  • Thesis statement- This statement will show the purpose of the essay and include the author’s argument or position on the topic. The thesis statement must include three clear points, which will be discussed in the body paragraphs.

The introduction can be written in many ways but, these three segments must be there. It must be written in a way that shifts from general info to particular details related to the topic. The readers should also get an idea of how the essay is going to proceed with the introduction.

The Body Paragraphs

This is the portion where you will be explaining your thesis statement. If you are making an argument, you will have to provide evidence to back the points. It can be written in the following manner:

  • It must start with a topic sentence that will sketch out what will be discussed in that paragraph.
  • Back it up with evidence or examples.
  • Elaborate your argument, which is connected with that evidence and how it gets backed up with it.

It must always be remembered that the arguments can be read and understood easily. Only then, the arguments will appear logical.

Some tips for writing excellent body paragraphs:

  • Give utmost importance to describe how the given evidence backs up your point. An argument cannot be developed just by providing the evidence, you need to explain it.
  • You need to decide which evidence is the best for supporting your argument. You may come across several examples, but not all of them can back up your point.
  • Ensure that the evidence relates to the thesis statement
  • Do not make a list of examples. Instead, create an argument using them.
  • It would be better if minimum three examples are used in each paragraph.
  • The quality of both the evidence and the explanation will decide your final grades.

The body paragraphs must always be methodically and logically structured because they will elucidate why and how the used examples are relevant to the essay topic.

The Conclusion

This section is the last component of an essay. The conclusion is a brief segment, which ends the essay logically. The key purpose of this part is to reiterate the principle argument of the essay. The readers are reminded of the strongest point of the argument made in it.

A feeling of completeness, along with closure, and also a possibility for further opportunities regarding the topic, should be conveyed by the conclusion.

In order to do that, the following can be done:

  • A link can be built between the last and first paragraph.
  • The conclusion can reflect on the given evidence or the thesis of the essay.
  • The ideas and arguments presented in the introduction must be matched in the conclusion.
  • The discussion made in the body can be put into a different context.
  • The conclusion can also include what the argument suggests or imply.
  • And finally, there must never be any new information or ideas in conclusion.

So, these are the different elements of an essay and this is how you can construct a great essay.  

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