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Blog >>Everything You Need To Know About Writing Travelling Essays

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Everything you need to know about Writing Travelling essays

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts- Mark Twain”.

Travelling should always be the first thing on your to-do list. There is nothing like seeing a new place for the first time. Many travel experts say that it doesn’t matter where you’re off to; there will always be a story waiting for you.

Travels can make great stories. When you visit a new place, you experience a lot of things for the first time. New culture, people, food and beautiful nature can give you wonderful moments. Writing about these stories and sharing your experience will fulfill your storytelling itch. If you are a travel fanatic, then drafting travelling essays is the best ways to tell your story.

Writing essays on travelling is a very common thing. It is not a very difficult task if you can master the art of bringing out a great story. However, if you are assigned to write an essay on your travelling experiences, you need to be aware of some styles and tricks to make it interesting.


Things to keep in mind while writing a travelling essay

When you write your essay, make sure you follow the below-mentioned points.

  • Share small yet effective experience: When you are writing travelling essay, you need to have a purpose. It is not only about sharing your experience, but also making it interesting to your readers. It is about using the writing skill you possess so that you can build up an interesting story.

When you share your experience, do not just describe the routine of your 4 days tour. You should share your learning and experience through the journey. Make it short yet interesting. For example—“When I was enjoying the sunrise from my hotel balcony, I saw a little village girl playing with the stray dogs and feeding them. When I called her, she said she is not allowed to talk to a stranger, especially men”.


Here, you have not only shared a story, but also the condition of the society where girls are not allowed to interact with men without their parents’ permission. The orthodoxy of the place is reflected with a small experience of the traveller.


  • Do not make it too long: Your travelling essay should not be so long that readers get bored while reading it. When you write about a 4-day tour, make sure you make it precise. You do not have to mention everything that you observe and experience. Make sure you write about the part of your experience which is worth sharing. You can mention everything about your tour; however, you need to be precise. In a nutshell, highlight the experience that you think people should know. You need to plan your write up before you start writing the essay.


  • Don’t be a shallow observer: To be a good traveller, you have to be a good observer. Otherwise, it would not be possible for you to depict the story of your travelling. Thus, when you plan to write a travelling essay, make sure you observe everything perfectly. If you remain a shallow observer, you cannot be a good travelling essay writer. Observing about everything will enrich your experience and help you to be a good writer.


Now, let us know about the tricks of writing the essay. When you follow these tips, you can write a stellar travelling essay without any hassle.

 7 Tricks to write a brilliant travelling essay

Apply these tricks and write a stellar travelling essay to impress the supervisor right away.

  • Have a definite storyline in your mind: Before you start with the write-up, you need to set a storyline. A trip is not a story in itself; rather, it’s a series of events. Some of these events will be boring and some will be worth sharing. As a writer, the first thing that you need to do is, deciding the story that you want to tell your readers. You can also add up the series of events that make a story and construct a conclusion accordingly. You need to focus on one factor and share your experience related to the topic. For example—“How everything ran late in Tanzania” or “Why every girl in Stuart Town wear Red”. These two examples show how the storyline has built up.


  • Clear your purpose of the trip: You need to establish your purpose of the trip through your write up. For instance, some trips may have a physical objective like reaching the top of Kilimanjaro or crossing Costa Rica etc.


Here, you have a specific purpose for the trip. You can easily grab the attention of your readers when you specifically mention your goal. The readers will continue reading just to know whether your have achieved it and how did you manage to do so. You can add sentences like ‘I wanted to experience’ or ‘I was keen to know’ etc. The readers will stick to you and read the story of your achievement.

  • Write a killer title: You should be aware of the fact that the readers will not go through your essay unless you make it interesting. The first thing that you should do is, write a brilliant title. Your title should pull the readers like a magnet. A stunning headline can build curiosity among readers. Instead of writing a blunt title like—‘A winter in Morocco’ or a ‘Summer in Corsica’, you can make a title like –‘ How I spent 4 days in a haunted hotel of Morocco’ or ‘Will I ever be able to discover the mystery of that little girl in Corsica?’. These titles will definitely grab the attention of the readers. They will be compelled to read the full story for sure.


  • Pen down an irresistible introduction: The first three sentences of your travelling essay must grip the glue. You can start it in a conversation style, with a quotation, dialogue, humor etc. You need to make sure that the readers are hooked right from the introduction and scroll down the page to know the whole story.


Always remember that your introduction and title should have a relation with each other. Your efforts to write a mind-blowing title will go into vain if you end up writing a dull introduction. For example, if you are writing about the haunted hotel in Morocco which is mentioned above, the introduction should start with a spooky experience you had.


“It was 2 A.M at night; I was alone in my room at Hotel Moonlight in Morocco. There was a weird sound coming from the cupboard. I never had a sound sleep from my childhood. Hence, this small weird sound stole my sleep for the night. I opened my eyes and realized that in a chilling winter night, I was sweating. When I tried hard to sleep again, the sound was became louder and clearer…..”


  • Make your story short yet crisp: If you drag the whole story with every experience that you had on the entire trip, you can never impress your readers. Make sure that your essay is short and crispy. You have to figure out how to make it short by not missing any important event of the whole trip. Your travelling essay should be focused on the chosen title. You can add 2-3 events separately to share your unique experience just for the sake of the story. However, you should not deviate from the focal point of your write up.


  • Emphasize on conversational tone: Then Peter said “Sssshhhhhh… can you hear the sound?’ I was numb and couldn’t answer readily. I stopped for 5 seconds and said ‘this is the same sound that came from the cupboard yesterday night”. When you use a conversational tone in your storytelling, it becomes easier for the readers to imagine. You have to give your readers a scope for imagination. With your writing skill, you need to make it so creative so that, your readers find it brilliant and give it a read for sure.


  • Show and tell: When you add images in your travelling essay, it becomes more relevant and acceptable. ‘Showing’ and ‘telling’ are the two age-old techniques of storytelling. Thus, when you write about your experience, you should also insert an image to make it more credible. Images will help the readers to relate. However, make sure that you also explain vividly how the snap has been captured, where it is, at what time etc. Your readers should get the answer to every query through your write up.


These are some of the brilliant steps that you can implement to draft a stellar travelling essay. Now, let us know about the other features of a travelling essay, with examples.

Essential features of travelling essay you should include

If you aim to inspire people to visit the same place by sharing your travelling experience, your write up should have that finesse to compel the readers for planning a trip instantly. Therefore, here are some of the essential features that you need to incorporate in your write up.

  • Describing the location: You should vividly explain the place in your write-up. Include information like where it is situated, how far it is from the capital of the city, etc. You need to be specific about the description of the location. Make sure that your readers understand which place you are talking about. When you make it easy for them, persuasion becomes hassle-free.


  • Explain how to reach: You should also mention how to reach the place conveniently. If you specifically provide every detail of reaching the place, it will elevate the quality of your essay.


Provide an itinerary: Providing a detailed travel itinerary in your essay is essential. When you help the readers to plan the whole journey, it becomes easier for them. They can make their plan accordingly. For example, you can include a 7 days Morocco tour itinerary and give your readers an idea about how to plan the trip


How an itinerary look like

With these three essential features in your travelling essay, you can automatically draft a stellar paper.

Example of a travelling essay

A spooky vacation in Morocco

I always dreamt of visiting Morocco with friends. I saved my pocket money, indulged in a part-time job as well. I wanted to complete the final year of my graduation and go on the trip. When I was planning for the trip, I came to know about a haunted hotel in Morocco from one of my friends. From my childhood, I was fascinated by spooky elements. I always craved to have a spine-chilling experience. I remember how I was curious about the locked room in our hostel when I was in class 7.

I researched about the haunted hotel and booked the same. I did not inform my friends about the history of the hotel. We reached safely in Casablanca and spent one night there. The next day we planned to visit Meknes, Roman Ruins and Fes. The hotel was in Fes. I was super excited to experience something really spooky. The first night in that haunted hotel of Fes was super dull. I was simply waiting for something shocking to happen. But, my effort was in vain. No sound, no ghost, no shadow. I felt a bit down.

The next day we planned to visit Fes Medieval Medina. The whole day was full of excitement. The place was so marvellous that I couldn’t move my finger from the shutter. When we came back, it was 6’o clock in the evening. We wanted to freshen up and sit for a drink. As the whole day was mesmerizing and tiring at the same time, I wanted to take a shower. When I was in the washroom, I heard my friends were chitchatting in the room. After taking a shower, I realized that the room was silent. I forgot to take the towel inside so I asked one of my friends to pass it inside the washroom. I called his name twice, but there was no reply. Suddenly someone knocked at the washroom, I opened and there was a hand with a towel. I thought it must be my friend Nick. When I came out, there was no one in my room.

I came to the balcony and saw my friends. I asked who gave me the towel and they were awestruck. They repeatedly said that they were not in the room at that time and they don’t know anything about the towel.

I was scared and I won’t lie. After dinner, I came to my room and decided to spend that night alone. I was sure to experience something spooky. It was 2 A.M at night and there was a weird sound from the cupboard. When I woke up, I realized I was sweating. The sound became louder and clearer. My voice was choking and couldn’t step down from my bed. I was not sure what to do.

I managed to gather some courage and stepped down from my bed. When I came in front of the cupboard, the sound stopped abruptly. I wanted to open the cupboard but, what happened next was unbelievable. The door of the cupboard opened automatically and then again closed with a bashing sound. I was shocked and ran to my bed. I watched the door of the cupboard opened twice and a shadow came out of it.

I don’t remember anything after that. My friends took me to the doctor’s clinic. We had to cancel the rest of the trip and came back as I was a bit traumatized. I can never forget the shadow that I saw. My friends never believed me. They thought it was simply a nightmare. I came back with a weird experience. But, the curiosity of experiencing something spooky was out of my mind forever.

We hope you have enough ideas to put up a travelling essay on our own. But we understand you have other things to take care. If you need a helping hand in writing a travelling essay, help is just a click away.

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