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Blog >>63 topics for Writing an Awesome Research Paper in Psychology

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 Admin  May 19, 2018  Research Paper

63 topics for Writing an Awesome Research Paper in Psychology

The procedure of writing a research paper can seem daunting and stressful to many in the beginning. But, having the right knowledge can make it much easier for the students. The subject matter holds much importance because it can make or break the quality of the final assignment. Choosing the right topic for the research paper help students to develop an excellent paper.

Before going into the ideas, let us see how you can find out the perfect topic for your Psychology research paper.

How to select the best topic?

To find the right topic for your research paper, you can follow the below method:

  1. At first, read the requirements provided by your professor and consider the amount of information you will require to compose your research paper.
  2. Make a list of topics that are related to your field.
  3. Then, pick out the ones that seem interesting to you or ones about which you have a little background knowledge.
  4. After this, conduct a little research on the topic to see how many resources you can find on it.
  5. Finally, go for the one, which has the maximum research material available on it so that you can write the paper smoothly.

You can keep some backup topics if you face any problem with your chosen topic. After it is selected, you should immediately start to do in-depth research on it to gather all the information. Once you learn what you have to write, the whole process will become easier and less daunting.

Amazing topics to create exceptional Psychology research papers

  1. The use of persuasion to influence a person’s behaviour
  2. How ageing is related to mental illness
  3. Violence and abuse through dating in teenagers
  4. Various types of tortures and their effects
  5. The effect of colours on the human mind
  6. The importance of playing for children
  7. How to develop positive attitudes
  8. The problem of eating disorders
  9. What a false memory is
  10. Learning disabilities and how to get out of it
  11. How physical abuse affect a child
  12. Why the rate of suicide is higher in women than men?
  13. The effect of depression on a person’s work performance
  14. The effect of parents’ divorce on the mental health of a child
  15. Conditioning Experiments by Pavlov
  16. The usefulness of divorce counselling
  17. The reason behind having phobias and how to overcome it
  18. The Rhesus Monkey Experiments by Harlow
  19. How do modern media affect children
  20. The effect of obesity on mental health
  21. How the psychology of a child gets affected by bullying?
  22. Why women are differently affected by mental illnesses?
  23. Everything about bipolar disorder
  24. What are short and long-term memory
  25. The psychology of serial killers
  26. Antidepressants and its side effects
  27. What dreams are and why do we have it?
  28. The Asch Conformity Experiment
  29. The use of cognitive behavioural therapy
  30. The effect of anxiety and stress
  31. Why do people get suicidal thoughts and how to deal with it
  32. How do solitary confinement affect individuals
  33. The psychology of the sex workers
  34. The usefulness of marital counselling
  35. ADHD and its treatment
  36. What is antisocial personality disorder
  37. The negative effect of social media on human interaction
  38. The problems of homeless people
  39. The psychology of the homosexuals
  40. How animals help in bettering our mental state
  41. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and how to detect if one has it
  42. How do different parenting styles affect the children
  43. The different careers that a student of Psychology can have
  44. How depression and stress are related
  45. Depression among young adults and college student
  46. Is there any difference between the psychology of an adopted child and a child who lives with their own parents?
  47. The role of biology and environment on the hyperactive children
  48. Everything about social cognition
  49. The psychological profile of terrorists
  50. The impact of violent music on children
  51. How a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and a counsellor differ from each other?
  52. How do dangerous games like Blue Whale affect the psychology of the children?
  53. How post-traumatic stress syndrome can be treated?
  54. How to detect mental illness in oneself
  55. The truth about postpartum depression
  56. The effect of social isolation on the mental health of a person
  57. How do sports psychology help in promoting mental health
  58. Can mental illness be related to genes?
  59. The use of Art therapy to  help patients with mental illness
  60. Sensory Deficit disorder and how to detect if one has it
  61. What affects our motivation and how to increase it
  62. Can tolerance help to improve mental health’
  63. Lack of sleep and mental health

So, these are some of the topics that can help you to write winning research papers. So, turn on your computer and start typing.

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