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Blog >>80 Inspiring Research Paper Topics To Blow Your Mind

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80 Inspiring Research Paper Topics to Blow Your Mind

Be it for a conference or the partial fulfilment of your college or university degree, carrying out research or a detailed empirical study on your discipline is something that you must do for higher studies. It is thus imperative that you have prior knowledge about exploring the nooks and crannies of your discipline with an analytical eye of a researcher, trying to unearth unexplored or fascinating areas within your discipline or subject.

The first stage of preparing to conduct research is selecting a topic. That is precisely where many students falter and require assistance. You may face some obstacle at this part too, but there is no reason to worry at all.

Making your jobs a whole lot easier, we bring some expert suggestions on how to pick a research paper topic as well as a list of 80 fantastic research topic prompt or ideas on several disciplines from which you can pick one that piques your interest or be inspired to frame your own.

Quick tips: how to select a topic for your research paper?

Here are some quick tips to help you understand the process of zeroing in on a topic for your research paper that contributes to your research and does not fail to impress your peers and professors alike.

  • Prepare a rough list of ideas

Form a rough list of ideas or areas of interest within your discipline. Jot them down in order of your preference and use the list as your initial tool to narrow down and formulate the main research topic. You may include broad categories such as ‘poverty’, ‘SQL’ or “American Civil War” for this list of ideas. Later on, you can form your research topic from this broad list of ideas and concepts.

  • Go about background studying

Next, you need to conduct a bit of background study on each of the topic or ideas that you have listed. Make good use of the libraries, both online and offline, for conducting a background study on the topics. By doing this, you will be able to form an idea of the other concepts and definitions related to these areas that you may explore for your research.

  • Ensure the availability of resources for your research topic

While selecting a research topic, make sure you will be able to gather relevant information that makes sense for your study. Steer clear of topics that might be too recent or popular, too interdisciplinary or too narrow. While narrowing it down, focus on the topic from the perspective of concepts like culture, geographical area, community, time period and the like.

  • Prepare a shortlist of topic ideas

At this step, filter your initial list of ideas to those that have piqued your interest the most so far. Be careful to include those topics that will present to you the possibility of gathering enough relevant information and existing literature for your study. This shortlist is the penultimate stage of forming a well-defined topic for your research that you can later frame as your research question.

  • Formulate topic ideas like research questions

Try framing your list of topics or ideas as research questions to help you zero in on a list of final three topics that you present to your supervisor as the probable areas of research that you wish to focus on through your study. Carry out some more background study at this stage for being able to formulate the topics as research questions.

  • Finalise on your topic

Lastly, narrow your focus, pick three most intriguing topics from the list of research questions, and arrange them in order of preference. Start gathering relevant literature and prior work on the topics and plan ahead. Creating a focussed research question from the shortlist of broad research questions can be a great way to zero in on the topic of your research.

The ability to think critically while conducting a detailed study or research starts right at the stage of topic selection. Hence it is important that you develop your ability to analyse and think critically about the various areas of interest within your discipline that match your personal ideas and interests while going about selecting a topic for your research.

80 Topics and ideas for your research paper

If you are wracking your brain to find topics for your research paper, then you can take a look at our list of 80 impressive research paper topics, categorised by discipline or area of study. Pick one from the list of ideas as suggested by leading academicians in the respective fields, or frame one of your own following our cue. Here is the ultimate list of research paper topics to get you cracking soon.

  • Computer Science and IT

  • Elucidating the advancements brought on in artificial intelligence sectors in the last decade
  • A detailed study of the software development for gadgets that are wearable
  • Design and describe sensor systems within a wireless communication framework
  • A detailed study and suggestions on enhancing the level of human-computer interactive technologies in IT
  • Analyse the basic components of networking and predict the future trends
  • To what extent does computer science affect the advancements if biology and biomedicine?
  • Determine the factors of memory, security and privacy in the context of cloud storing technologies
  • What are the ways of incorporating new technologies in education for kindergarteners?
  • Analysing machine learning and its primary areas of influence
  • Determining the hardware and software borderline in cloud computing
  • Economics

  • Analyse the concept of monopoly and show how the existence of a high-demand product or service from a dominant supplier affects marketplace and consumer demand theory
  • A study of the consumption patterns in households over the last two years
  • An evaluation of the functions of the various market structures in the retail food industry
  • Discuss the effects of globalisations and phone technologies on a developed economy of your choice
  • Discuss the effects of a global economic meltdown on the healthcare industry’s economic infrastructure
  • A study of the rise and fall of wage-price over the last three years within an economic framework of your choice
  • Analyse how global economies have been affected by the wars raging in the Middle East
  • Establish a correlation between the European economy and the trade policies followed by China
  • Discuss three modern ecological problems with correlation to an economic framework of your choice
  • Conduct a detailed study on the effects of labour unions in the different market structures
  • Psychology

  • What are the effects of in-store music played in shops and retail outlets on consumer behaviour and choices of products?
  • Analyse the effects of postpartum depression on the child and the mother
  • A study of the effects of overcrowding in human behaviour in public spaces
  • A detailed study of how birth order impacts personality development and achievements in life
  • A comparative study of the suicide rates in men and women and analysing the reasons for women showing a higher rate of suicidal tendencies than men
  • A descriptive study of the commonest psychological ailments observed in troops returning from battlefields
  • A detailed study of ADHD, its causes and prognosis
  • A comparative analysis of the two genders in correlation with memory and retention capabilities
  • Analysing the effects of social anxiety disorder on the routine activities of a person
  • Understanding the effects of sports psychology in curbing workplace stress
  • Social Studies

  • Discuss the relationship between the implementation of a country’s immigration laws with respect to the concerning issue of human smuggling
  • A comparative study of the causes and effects of homelessness as observed in a developed nation of your choice
  • A detailed study of the hierarchical and centralised structures of organised crimes
  • A study of the growing sense of competition among teenage girls in a social sphere of your choice
  • Discuss the relationship between gaining wealth and racial prejudices in a wealthy community of racial minority groups
  • A comparative study of the development of men’s and women’s fashion over the last two decades and the social factors affecting the changes in design and fit
  • The effects of television and social media on the social problem of teen pregnancy in a geographical area of your choice
  • A study on altruism as a traditional virtue as part of modern culture
  • Analyse the causes and effects of social awkwardness in first-year students at a college of your choice
  • A detailed study of the social relevance of memes as part of popular culture of the modern day
  • Medicine

  • A comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing electronic health record systems in developing nations of the world
  • A critical study of the debate raging over the matter of euthanasia
  • A study of the role of surgeons in a healthcare setting of your choice
  • What are the effects of staff training at regular intervals on serving patients?
  • The symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis of anorexia nervosa as a leading health concern for youngsters in your country
  • A detailed study of the effects of smoking on the organs of the body other than the lungs
  • Analyse the existing healthcare system in a country of your choice and suggest ways for the improvement and increase of government investments in the healthcare sector
  • A detailed study of the average lifespan of humans in your country and the suggestions for an ideal diet and lifestyle plan for having better longevity
  • A comparative study of a traditional practice of medicine with a modern medical practice
  • Analyse the causes of health issues related to addiction and suggest ways to break out of such behavioural patterns
  • Environment and Ecology

  • A study of drought-affected land and its influence on the quality of soil in that area
  • What are the effects of climate change on butterfly migrations?
  • A study of the alarming levels of deforestation and suggestions for preventive measures
  • A detailed analysis of the black bear population over the last two decades
  • A study of the newest technological advancements that are able to find water in hostile climes and environments
  • A comparative study of the ecosystem of a rural neighbourhood in the ‘90s and the 2000s
  • The effects of nuclear waste on the ecosystem of a coastal nation of your choice
  • A detailed study of the fluctuations in water levels in the local lakes in summer
  • What are some of the emerging technologies used for bee counting?
  • An analysis of the problems and debates on the topic of universal pollution metrics and its implementation standards
  • Management Studies

  • A study of the contributions of multi-national enterprises and global institutions in the global sustainability of an industry of your choice
  • Describe the problems faced in the existing infrastructural model of a leading cab service system and suggest ways to overcome the issues
  • The effects and uses of Ethereum in business processes
  • A study of the futuristic systems of managing databases within a business structure of your choice
  • How has the use of mobile phones affected the inter-employee relationship and led to the transformation of workplace culture?
  • The effects of the digital age and globalisation in small business frameworks
  • How does time management affect the prosperity of a company: a study
  • A study of the ideas of effective leadership and the ways to incorporate them into a business model of your choice
  • What are the best ways of conflict resolution between the employees and management in a corporate working scenario?
  • A study of the functions and effects of diversity in the workplace in the 21st century
  • Literature

  • An analysis of the portrayal of women in the novels from the 1960s and 1970s
  • The contributions of African-American writers in literature
  • A detailed study of the issues of racism as presented in literature throughout time
  • A study of the symbolisms of size as presented in novels such as Gulliver’s Travels
  • A study of the poets of the 21st century
  • An analysis of the concepts of beauty and youth as portrayed in novels like The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • An analytical study of the imagist movement in literature
  • How has exile and isolation been perceived in literature? Prepare a comparative analysis of these two concepts as depicted in two literary works of your choice
  • A detailed study of the setting as an influencing factor for the perception of The Great Gatsby
  • A study of the effects of the Viking raids on the development of old English

Here was our list of 80 inspiring topics and ideas for your research papers. You can select one from the list we presented or frame one according to your area of interest along similar lines. Make sure that you go through our quick tips for finalising on a research topic available in our website before going about formulating one for yourself.

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