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Blog >>A Comprehensive Guide On Narrative Essay

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A Comprehensive Guide on Narrative Essay

As a writer, it is your job to evoke emotion in the readers through your narrative essays. Most students find it difficult to curate interesting content due to the lack of information on the narrative essay format. Moreover, the students have a hard time deciding intriguing narrative essay topics.

Thus, we’ll be learning how to write a narrative essay considering each aspect.

What Is The Most Accurate Narrative Essay Format?

Most students are unable to decide on the most accurate narrative essay format. Thus, let us first delve into the formatting aspect before we learn to write the narrative essay. 

As is the case with any essay, the narrative essay format is straightforward. You have to write an introduction, the body and a conclusion. The basic structure would comprise of the following elements.

  1. Introduction:
  • The hook
  • The thesis statement
  • A one-line description of why the narrative essay topic is important
  1. Body:
  • The Background Details
  • The People involved
  • The onset of the event
  • The Climax
  • The Ending
  1. Conclusion:
  • Moral of the event
  • Call-to-action

Now that you have an idea on the narrative essay outline, we’ll next take a look at the nitty-gritty of the narrative essay.

How To Write Narrative Essay From Scratch?

If you have been wondering “How to write a narrative essay from scratch”, you will get your answer in this section. However, first make sure you have a full grasp on the narrative essay format, as we will be taking a look at the tips based on the outline.

You have to:

  • Gather Information

First, you have to decide the topic and call upon the past experience concerned with the theme.  Jot down the necessary events. Furthermore, while choosing the event, make sure that you are incorporating even the minor details. Even a small thing makes all the difference.

  • Create an Outline and Draft The Essay

You need to create an effective narrative essay outline before you start writing the content. Now that you know the format, first distribute the word count and then start writing. Let us take a look at the 3 sections in detail.

  • Introduction

You must begin the introduction on a strong note. The first line should be alluring, so that your teacher gets hooked onto the content instantly. You might place a rhetorical question or a relevant quote.

Following this, you need to provide a catchy thesis statement. The thesis statement is the central idea of the entire narrative essay. You should stick to the central theme throughout the content.

  • Body

Writing a narrative essay is easy if you abide by the guidelines. The body of the essay is the most important section of the entire content, and this is exactly where many students falter. You need to provide an overview of the setting, the background details and the people involved in the event.

Then, you express your viewpoints on the topic with proper validations. It is wise if you write the body in 3 to 5 paragraphs. In this way, the content won’t look dull. Moreover, incorporate bullet points if possible to enhance the presentation.

  • Conclusion

Following the body, you need to write the conclusion in 3 to 5 sentences. Here you have to highlight the moral of the narrative essay, along with the thesis statement. If you have word count in your hand, you can also include literature gaps or 1 or 2 effective solutions. This is known as the call-to-action.

After you have written the essay, you have to proofread.

  • Revise

You need to revise the narrative essay to check for the grammatical errors. Moreover, you get a chance to check whether the content is easy to comprehend, or you need to dial it down a bit. Furthermore, you can check whether you have provided the moral of the event or you have described your characters in the essay.

In addition to the above mentioned tips, remember to use:

  • ‘I’ in the narrative essay, which helps to engage the readers more
  • Crisp language and descriptive words to spark the emotional response
  • Varying sentence structure
  • Transition words to describe the event
  • Sentences that evoke the five senses like ‘What did you see?’

With these tips, you will be able to write an engaging essay. Hopefully, you will have no more questions like, “How to write a narrative essay?” or “How to make the best outlines for the narrative essay?”

What Are Some of The Most Intriguing Narrative Essay Topics?

Now that you know the basics on how to write a narrative essay, it is time to focus on the choice of topics. When your teacher sits down to assess your assignment, the first thing he/she notices is the topic. Thus, you need to choose your topics wisely, something on which you can contribute valuable ideas.

Here are some narrative essay topics that you can work on.

  • How I Overcame My OCD?
  • Why Do I Visit Religious Places?
  • Why I Prefer Outdoor Sports to Cybersports?
  • The Worst Incident In My Life
  • The Toughest Thing I Have Ever Done
  • Why I Find My Dog Funny?
  • A teacher who played an instrumental role in your life
  • A memorable experience in your life
  • How you helped someone battle discrimination?
  • A moment when you realized someone lied to you
  • How did your childhood heroes influence you?
  • Your first trip to the mountains

Which narrative essay topics did you find to be intriguing?

If you wish to write compelling essays on your own, then you need to read a lot. Only by scouring through blog posts, e-papers and other resources, you will be able to gain insightful narrative essay ideas.

Narrative Essay Examples- Clear Your Doubts Now

Unless you put pen to paper, you won’t be able to zero in on your problems. Thus, it is best if you start practising ASAP. In order to make sure you face no issues while writing the essay, a narrative essay example has been provided as a reference.

Let us assume that the topic is “Frustration at the Airport”.s


There are plenty of narrative essay examples available online if you want a diversity of options. By reading the examples, you will be able to come up with your content. Once you master the art of writing narrative essays, the grades will speak for itself.

Need Further Assistance On Narrative Essays? Place Your Order at

Writing a narrative essay may be difficult for some students. Either they are unable to grasp the format, or they struggle to manage the content properly. In addition to this, the students are often under time pressure and are unable to handle multiple tasks at one time. In cases like this, is your best bet.

Over the years, students have availed our services for narrative essay writing. We have over 1500 highly qualified experts working day and night to make a difference in your academic career. We provide:

  • Top-notch narrative essay help
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Moreover, if you require customizations in the narrative essay, our responsible customer executives are available 24*7. You just have to convey your requirements, and we will consider it ASAP. Thus, do not hesitate in sharing your requirements.

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