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Blog >>40 Appealing Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

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40 appealing compare and contrast essay topics

A compare and contrast essay is a distinctive type of academic assignment that seeks to examine two contrasting elements or items. Typically, a compare and contrast essay can be categorised into two kinds, one where you emphasise on the similarities of the two selected items, and another type of the compare and contrast essay will emphasise more on their differences between the two items. Based on the stance you take on your essay, the paper can take the shape of a contrast essay or a comparison essay. Listed below are some tips to prepare a remarkable compare and contrast essay.

  • Pick the items that you want to talk about in your essay. Always ensure they have both distinctive and similar attributes, so there are adequate materials to discuss.
  • Determine a proper organisation structure you will maintain throughout your compare and contrast essay. There are two methods that can be adopted for your paper. You can either describe the similarities first and then move on to discuss the dissimilarities (it can be in the opposite order as well), this is known as a point-by-point arrangement method. Otherwise, you can choose to talk about the attributes on item or element (in a couple of paragraphs), and then proceed with the other item (ideally differentiating between the same set of characteristics), this is known as the block arrangement of ideas.
  • Put together the introductory paragraph. Never forget to mention the thesis statement clearly and concisely, wherein you provide the primary reason for selecting the items or components that you picked.
  • Present the main paragraphs of the essay keeping in mind the structure you prepared for the paper.
  • Prepare an appropriate conclusion. Ensure that you rephrase your initial thesis statement, and finalise the outcome of your contrast or comparison writing and addressing the primary question that you had started with.
  • Take a break for a couple of days and then begin proofreading the paper thoroughly.

The basic do’s and don’ts of writing a compare and contrast essay:


  • Do begin your essay paper by coherently defining each of the items you aim to compare and differentiate in your essay.
  • Do ensure that you’ve conducted enough research before you begin emphasising on the attributes. The information and facts you apply have to be relevant and on point.
  • Do be careful about the transitions and pertinence of your paragraphs. Maintaining one of the two organisational structures is mandatory. But you also have to ensure that all your paragraphs are related with one another and follow a logical pattern.


  • Don’t try to follow two organizational structures at once. Pick any one of the two and maintain the pattern throughout your assignment.
  • Don’t come across as subjective while preparing the essay. Even if you tend to prefer one item more than the other, it is significant to take an objective stance and present your conclusion on the basis of factual information instead of relying on your emotions.
  • Don’t ignore the rules and regulations for general academic writing while trying to present a brilliant compare and contrast essay. Make sure your paper is prepared in a professional and formal style, avoiding conversational language, and also ensure that your essay has no punctuation, spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Good topics for writing brilliant compare and contrast essay:

1. Science or Arts: Which one is more acceptable in case of establishing a flourishing career?

2. Autocracy or Bureaucracy: Discuss the impacts of both the types of governance.

3. SEO vs. traditional forms of marketing: Which one is more effective?

4. Should traditional methods of learning be replaced with E-learning? What does the future hold for both these types?

5. Gandalf or Dumbledore: Which was a more impactful character in fantasy literature? And why?

6. Present a comparison between Spenserian Sonnets and Shakespearean sonnets.

7. Android or iOS: Which operating system is more powerful?

8. Elaborate on the distinctions and similarities between Modernism and Postmodernism.

9. Draw up a comprehensive comparison between fiction and non-fiction genre of literature.

10. Thomas Alva Edison or Nikola Tesla: Who was a more accomplished innovator?

11. Prepare a comparison between Michelangelo’s David vs. Bernini’s David.

12. Compare and contrast the impact of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

13. Provide a detailed comparison of the elements of Realism and Surrealism in literature.

14. Compare and contrast Shakespeare's Othello and Macbeth regarding their story and characters.

15. Present a general comparison between the traditional commerce and e-commerce.

16. Fascism and Nazism: What are the distinctions or similarities between them?

17. Discuss the differences between the primary philosophical ideas of Julius Caesar and Hamlet.

18. Provide a comparison of the Indus Valley Civilization and Mayan Civilization.

19. How is emigration different or similar from immigration?

20. What are the differences between discovery and invention?

21. Offer a comprehensive comparison between the theories of Capitalism and the theories of Socialism.

22. Compare and contrast the British Imperialism and French colonization.

23. Provide an elaborate comparison between a ketogenic diet and low-fat diet. Which one is better for weight loss?

24. Are there any differences between religious and cultural practices? Are they same? Provide a thorough comparison.

25. What are the similarities and differences between evolutionism and creationism?

26. Harry Potter in books or Harry Potter in the cinematic representation? Offer a detailed comparison between the characterisation.

27. Compare and contrast the contribution of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.

28. William Wordsworth or P.B Shelley: Which one of the romantic poets was more inclined towards the elements of romanticism?

29. Offer a comparison on self-employment and working in an office.

30. Elaborate on the distinctions and similarities between the Email and traditional mailing system.

31. Textual representation vs. visual representation: Which one is more effective? And why?

32. Provide a thorough understanding of the similarities and differences between TOEFL and SAT.

33. Offer insight into the ideological differences between George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

34. Facebook or Instagram: Which is a more potent medium of networking?

35. Samwise Gamgee or Ronald Weasley: Who is a better supporting character in the contemporary fiction?

36. Forbes Or New York Times: Which is better in terms of newsworthiness and circulation?

37. Elaborate on the similarities between the ancient Greek and the Roman culture.

38. Personal perspective vs. Public opinion: Determine the differences in terms of objectivity and subjectivity.

39. Obesity or Anorexia: Which one is more harmful?

40. Living in the real world or delving into the virtual world: Which one has a more far-reaching impact? And why?

So ace your essay with these unique and appealing topics.

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