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 Admin  April 6, 2018  Dissertation Help

Engaging Economics Dissertation Topics

“Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life.”

-    Tyler Cowen (American economist)


The study of arguably the thing that makes the world go round, economics is a fascinating discipline indeed. The many nuances of the subject with its multi-faceted perceptions of such a basic concept of the social fabric find high regard in academia worldwide. With the changes in the worldwide education system, there have been changes in the coursework for economics as a specialisation in the higher studies level in the colleges and universities all around the world. The introduction of complex coursework has led to dissertations and elaborate research papers an indispensible factor in the pursuit of higher studies. The discipline of economics is no exception. For the students of economics, here are some pro tips to finalise their dissertation topics and a list of intriguing topics or prompts that they can use to frame their dissertation topics. 


How to choose a topic for your dissertation?


A dissertation is the most important academic paper in the academic career of a student in pursuit of higher studies at the postgraduate or doctoral level of studies. The first step in writing a dissertation is selecting a topic that is impactful and engaging enough for the detailed study to stand out among the rest and impress the team of dissertation panellists. Refer below for some top tips to choose an effective topic for your economics dissertation that are sure to work when you put them to good use.


•    Pick your area of interest
Whether you are more of someone interested in international trade or someone with an inclination towards comparative political economy, you should always choose your topic as close as possible or within your area of interest. You can look for the topics that interest you within your coursework and dig deeper to find out the specialised area of interest that you can work on for your dissertation topic. Go over the lecture notes and find out what interest you the most and do some library research to find out what the major areas you can focus on within your area of interest. Prepare a shortlist of the ones that you find most compelling and treat this as the final shortlist of areas of focus for your dissertation.


•    Get some inspiration
In case you are in doubts about how to choose a topic and frame it into a full-blown dissertation, then you can find some inspiration from the past research that has been done in your college or university. Get in touch with some friendly seniors and request to have a look at their dissertations from the previous years that gives you a clear idea of the standard of topics that is expected at your level of study by the professors. Go over those dissertations that give you some starter points for the structuring, referencing format, and topic ideas within your discipline for your economics dissertation.


•    Consult your supervisor
At the very outset, it is best to let your supervisor know of your area of focus. Schedule an appointment with your supervisor during your dissertation term and get talking about some of the ideas that you have in mind regarding your dissertation. Being an academician with many years of experience, they will be able to guide you in the right direction along your point of interest within the broad discipline of your academic discipline. That way, you can establish the right supervisor-scholar relationship within your education framework that you will be able to put to good use when the time comes to compose your dissertation. 


•    Narrow down your focus
The most effective way of selecting a topic for your dissertation that works for your level of study is to know when to narrow your focus. If you feel that the topics that you have chosen has a universal focus, then go right ahead with it by making sure that it has an interdisciplinary approach within your discipline as well. Filter too broad topics from your dissertation topic shortlist and keep only the ones with a narrow area of focus. Coupled with the sound advice from your supervisor and seniors, you can put your sense of the discipline to use by narrowing your area of focus that you will actually be able to carry out a thorough and effective study on. 


Follow these tips from the dissertation experts and you will be sure to have a list of comprehensive yet concise topics for your economics dissertation. In case you are in doubts about the topic ideas that will work for your level of study, then you can always go over the topic suggestions and dissertation prompts that we have provided below. 
Amazing topic ideas for an engaging economics dissertation


Having many sub-disciplines and specialisations within its broad framework, economics is an interesting discipline with many areas of focus that can be great prospects for writing a dissertation. Having a whole range of applied economics spectrum, the areas of research within the discipline are varied in natures that are sure to suit the interests of all kinds of students. From technical number-crunching aspects like finance or the more exploratory themes such as economic geography, the discipline captures the interest of many students all around the globe. Here are some of the most amazing topic ideas for dissertations for the budding economists of college and university level.


1)    The cause of economic inflation and its global impacts
2)    What are the primary factors at play for promoting FDI and its role in economy
3)    The main causes of unemployment and an analysis
4)    The importance of regulation and its effects on industries
5)    The positive effects of the common agricultural policies
6)    What are the primary contributing factors for the success or fall-through of mergers
7)    What is the main rational of society for the division of high-income ad low-income groups?
8)    A discussion about the role of bureaucratic officials in the development of economic institutions
9)    The impacts of formal education in the development of an entrepreneurial personality
10)    What are the major reasons for industrial development in a geographic boundary?
11)    An in-depth analysis of transactional costs within an inter-firm partnership framework
12)    Analysing the relationship between job experience and entrepreneurship
13)    The role of town infrastructure policy in developmental economics
14)    A micro-economic study of the global energy markets
15)    The causes of fluctuation rates of exchange rates and the effects on industries
16)    The future and scope of SME enterprises
17)    How does capital inflow influence emerging market economies?
18)    A study of the abandonment of the national pay scales with special reference to lecturing
19)    The use of capital asset pricing model in investment decisions
20)    An analysis of the use of bundling for business stratagems
21)    The causes and outcomes of knowledge transference within a specific economic area
22)    How are transaction costs and economic development related?
23)    A detailed study of the impacts of institutional economics methodologies for analysis of the property markets
24)    What are the main characteristics of innovative organisation?
25)    What is the role of the dollar evolution discuss the relationship between salary levels and economic convergence in a specific geographic area
26)    A study of the contribution of broadband technology in regional development from an economic perspective
27)    What is the role of regional cooperation within an economic framework for the growth of sustainable competitive advantage at a national stage?
28)    What are primary factors that determine self-employment levels in your country?
29)    A comparative study of the effects of immigration in two economic regions
30)    What are the major effects of professional trading within an advanced economic infrastructure?


Here is thirty of the most intriguing list of topic ideas for your economics dissertation. You can get inspired by the ones listed here or frame one of your own by following our pattern. 


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