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Blog >>Critical Thinking Essay: Complete Guide To Draft A Flawless One

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Critical Thinking Essay: Complete Guide to Draft a Flawless One

“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.”
? Christopher Hitchens, Letters to a Young Contrarian.  Thinking critically is a skill that people need to acquire. The process of critical thinking is very complex. It is all about a system of judgment that helps you to analyse information and come up with a valid conclusion. Writing a critical thinking essay is difficult from other types of essays

When it comes to academic writing, drafting a critical thinking essay becomes can be tough for the students. To write a flawless essay on critical thinking, a student should perceive and analyse information to reflect on it later.

Critical thinking essays helps in developing logical and critical thoughts. However, most students do not have a clear idea about the definition of a critical thinking essay. There are multiple instances when students think that writing a critical thinking essay is all about breaking down the author’s argument and finding out the weak point of a work. On the contrary, it is about evaluating a work and providing a justified analysis.

Before understanding the basic ways to write a critical thinking essay, you should understand the ways to acquire the skill of critical thinking.

4 Best Ways to Think Critically

You must have the basic idea of critical thinking definition. But, when you try to get into the process, you face certain hassles. Like any other process, critical thinking also has a definite system. There are ways that you can incorporate and develop your skills of thinking critically right away. Read on to know it.

  • Learn to ask basic questions: Have you ever faced a situation when a question becomes so complicated that you get confused beyond bounds? If yes, you need to understand the importance of asking basic questions. When you ask basic questions before you start analysing an issue, you can proceed with the task without any hassle. Examples of some basic questions are given below.
  • What do you know?
  • What is the source of your information?
  • What are your intentions with the writing?
  • What do you want to prove?
  • What is the purpose of your work?

These are the basic questions that you should always ask yourself if you want to acquire the skill of critical thinking.

  • Be aware of your mental processes: When you are trying to think critically, you need to be slow and steady. If you rush with your thoughts, you will be unable to think critically. It is important to take a hold over your thoughts. To be a critical thinker, you need to be aware of your cognitive biases and personal prejudices. It can influence your decisions and your way of thinking. It would be impossible for you to be totally unbiased. However, if you remain aware of your biasness, you can be a successful critical thinker.
  • Think for yourself: When you need to acquire the skill of thinking critically, you should be yourself. There is no denial of the fact that you need to be unbiased while thinking. However, you should not forget to put your own interpretation when you evaluate any topic. Don’t be overconfident, but remember that thinking for yourself is essential if you want to answer tough questions.
  • Gather accurate knowledge: If you want to think about an issue critically, it is important to gather accurate information. You need to know about the topic in detail to think critically and come to a solution. Before starting to think critically, you need to gather enough information and evaluate the issue.

Therefore, you should indulge in reading and conducting research to collect information about it. When you know every detail about the issue, you can develop the skill of thinking critically.


These are the 4 basic methods to develop the skill of critical thinking. Now, let us know how you can draft a flawless critical thinking essay.


5 things to consider while writing a critical thinking essay

It goes without saying that every write-up needs a structure. A guideline for the same will help you to write a stellar critical essay.  Here are the basic steps you need to implement when you plan to write an essay for the upcoming semester.


  • Choosing a relevant topic: Not every issue will give you the scope to think critically. It is important to go for a wise topic when you aim to write a critical essay. Before finalising a topic, it is important to find out whether you will be able to provide a critical explanation for it. If you get the chance to select your own topic, then choose one that provides you the scope to introduce a valid argument. If your topic is convenient enough, you can easily move ahead with it and write an impressive critical essay.
  • Developing a thesis statement: Your thesis will be the central point of argument. Your entire paper should be dependent on the thesis statement that you create. The thesis statement should have specific information about the chosen topic, and include your primary arguments. If you are analysing any text, a brief statement of the author’s argument should also be mentioned. For example, you might argue, "Kant argues that ethics are based on a categorical imperative, but this categorical imperative does not provide guidance for all ethical dilemmas." This statement provides a concise summation of the argument and also shows the direction of the essay.
  • Making important notes: The topic that you have chosen can be a broad one. But, when you need to write a critical essay on it, you have to make it precise. Therefore, you should make important notes before you start with the write up. You have to consider the points that are to be included in the argument for evaluation. These notes will help you to remember important points so that you do not miss out any information while writing the essay.
  • Outlining the paper: When you create a relevant structure for the paper by focusing on arguments and support your evidence, you can save a lot of time. Try adding proper headings and sub headings in support of your chosen argument. Apart from that, try to highlight logical arguments to prove your analysis. Try doing this so that your critical analysis is conducted in a systematic way.
  • Collecting supporting evidences: You need to understand that when you provide an argument on the topic, you need supporting evidence to prove the same. Therefore, while reading and collecting data, you need to gather enough supporting evidence. You can incorporate the evidence while providing logical statements in the argument. It will elevate the quality of your essay right away. 

These are the 5 basic steps that you need to follow when you write a critical essay. Now, let us know the main elements and formats of writing an essay. If you want to be in the list of brilliant writers, your essay should consist of these elements.

How to format a critical thinking essay

Like any other essay, the basic format of the critical essay is just the same. It consists of an introduction, body and conclusion. However, the formatting varies when it comes to critical essays.

Drafting the introduction:

When you write an introduction for your critical essay, you need to be very subtle. In the introduction part, you have to incorporate certain components. When you include these components, your essay will be a complete one. Critical essays do not allow you to write a simple introduction. Maintaining a proper structure for the introduction is very important so that you can establish the analysis perfectly. The important components are as follows:

  • Summary of the chosen topic: The first thing that you need to do is provide a brief summary of the topic that you aim to analyse. When you introduce the topic, you give your readers the idea why this topic is chosen for a critical analysis. An introduction of the topic should provide the answer of its relevance as well.
  • Highlighting the argument: When you write a critical essay, you should highlight the arguments. Thus, write the arguments of the chosen topic to establish your counter argument. A critical essay must consist of an argument so that you can establish the purpose of writing the essay.
  • Mentioning the thesis statement: You should mention your thesis statement in the introduction of the critical essay. You need to focus on the chosen argument in your paper. A thesis statement in the introduction is important to make the readers understand how you want to move ahead with your critical analysis.


Segregating the paragraphs:

In the body part of the critical essay, you need to segregate the paragraphs and then start with your analysis. When you make an outline before starting with the writing, you can easily segregate the paragraphs accordingly.

Some of the points that you need to follow while writing the body of the assignments are discussed below:

  • Establishing the focus of the topic- You need to write about the central theme of the chosen topic. You have to elaborate on the chosen central argument. Make sure that you do not deviate from the main topic and establish your point.
  • Providing supporting evidence: When you analyse the topic, you need to provide evidence to prove your point. Always remember that proper example along with analysis will help you to elevate the quality of your write up. When you do that, you no longer have to think about making the paper flawless.
  • Be precise and relevant: When it is about writing a critical thinking essay, you do not have to drag the write up. If you make it small and precise, your readers can easily connect with it and they will be interested in reading the whole piece.


Writing the conclusion:

When it comes to a critical thinking essay, the conclusion is the most important part. When you analyse the issue and try to establish your point, you have to describe it in the conclusion.

These are some of the points to remember when you need to write the conclusion:

  • Establishing your point of view
  • Summarising the central idea of the write up
  • Providing a new dimension of the chosen topic

When you follow this format while drafting your critical essay, you no longer have to think about completing the work on time. You can submit an unmatched quality of the essay when you follow these instructions.  

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