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Blog >>8 Tips To Preparing Intriguing College Application Essays

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8 Tips to Preparing Intriguing College Application Essays

No challenge is more daunting for a student trying to put together an essay as part of the college application. Whether it’s on a bizarre topic or whether it’s something too mundane like a description of a formative experience of your life, or a common political or social issue, students shiver at the very idea of preparing the essay and being evaluated by that. So we have come up with a list of tips to help the students get through the admission process easily. 


1. Try to decipher the requirements of admission committee

When you’ve organised all the details required for your application and present it to a college/university that you're trying to get into, all your efforts get placed with hundreds of other applications on a pile. The admission committee members will look over each of these applications, assessing the coursework and scores and going through the essays.


The best way to impress the committee members is in deciphering what exactly it is that they are looking for. Typically, they look for students who will-


  • Succeed from the time they join
  • Take part in enriching the educational experience of other classmates and students
  • Achieve many accolades once they graduate from the university.


In your college application essay, you must come across as a student who will meet these aforementioned needs efficiently. Now the parameters of what’s considered as “succeed” or “accolades” will be based a little on the university you’re applying for, but all admission committee members share these three goals.


2. Identify the objectives of your essay

While preparing the application essay, you should think about how you want the committee members to perceive you. After going over your application essay, what should be their opinion regarding your experiences and overall personality?


Every student wishes the admission committee considers them as dependable, sincere, and ambitious. While those are excellent essay objectives, but you should also structure the essay by the kind of advanced skills or classes you've taken previously. If your skills already reveal that you are hardworking and dedicated, then it would be wise for you to focus on some other aspect of your personality.


3. Set yourself apart from other candidates

This involves a bit of strategic thinking, especially if you’re a foreign student. Since you are from a different country, your experiences and worldview may be different. That’s why it won’t be enough for you to say, “Well, I’m not from this country.” Rather you need to elucidate on the culture that you’ve grown up with since childhood. Present it in a concise manner. A sentence or two should be sufficient to make sure that the committee notices you.


Always remember that you are more than just a foreign student from a distinctive background, you’re primarily an individual with a lifetime of enriching experiences. You can take some time to contemplate what else sets you apart from most other students who would apply for a spot in a particular university. Incorporate those specialties (for instance, playing the piano, taking part in athletics, speaking multiple languages) to your list of essay objectives.


4. Understand and address the particular essay prompt

More often than not while writing an application essay, you'd find that you’ve  thought of more ideas than you can fit into the write-up. That’s why you need to narrow down your objective to emphasise on only three-four ideas, the ones that will make you stand out among all other candidates to the admission committee. Regardless of what the essay prompt requires you to delve into, you need to ensure that incorporate those three or four ideas in your college admissions essay.


The purpose is to present a handful of ideas coherently and concisely, instead of listing out all the ideas haphazardly. A precisely focused essay will be way more impactful than a vague and generic one.


5. Include the specific details while writing

The prerequisite to producing compelling and engaging write-up is to present all the significant details. The more focused your paper, the more impressive it will be to the admission committee.


6. Adopt a professional approach

When it comes to presenting your college application, you must demonstrate a college-level writing skill, which is more professional in approach. So, while preparing your application essay, you should keep the following things in mind-

  • Make sure to add figures of speech like a metaphor, a simile, personification
  • Ensure the ideas in the essay are conveyed in a logical and relevant manner.


This serves two purposes, it differentiates your write-up from the ones that are poorly constructed, and it reaffirms the admission committee regarding you command over the language.


7. Get someone to proofread your essay

This is one of the fundamental steps of presenting your college application essay. More often, that the words in your mind are not always conveyed exactly the way it’s supposed to. This is the reason you should always consider someone (who is familiar with the topic that you’re working on) to read the paper on your behalf and offer their unbiased judgment. You can ask a friend or an acquaintance (or maybe a professor) to read through your document and check your-


Diction: Are all the words applied properly for the readers?

Grammar: Does the paper have incomplete or incoherent sentences?

Structure: Have you presented the all the information logically?


8. Stay alert about the deadline

College application essays demand a humongous amount time. As you write, edit and rewrite the essay, don’t forget to check the deadline and the particular requirements of the paper. Every institution follows a system of its own for how and when to prepare and submit your application. The best way to stay on top of the whole process of college admissions (and at the institution when courses start) is to diligently follow a calendar or a timetable.

So this way acing the college admission and getting admission in the institution that you have always dreamt of becomes easy.


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