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 Admin  June 9, 2018  Essay Help

50 Good Argumentative Essay Topics to Work On

Selecting the right topic for your argumentative essay paper is perhaps the most important thing that can save you from bigger hassles and dilemmas that often gives rise to unclear derivations, ideas, perspectives; so on and so forth. Now you must be thinking what does clarity of statement have to do with this? Well, to simplify, it is to be mentioned that argumentative essays require students to come up with concrete evidence in support of every single notion that they would include and statements produced.

Thus, ignoring the process of an ideal topic selection will only land you in trouble in terms of unclear vision, unexplained thoughts, expressions and the likes. On the contrary, once you know what exactly does the topic depicts or in case you manage to choose a topic on your own thorough research and understanding, then it will definitely be an easier task for you to establish statements and carry on with the paper seamlessly.

Take a look at these helpful essay prompts that can ideally be used to initiate a gripping argumentative essay work.

  1. Should smoking in public places be banned once and for all?e
  2. What are the pros and cons of being a creative man?
  3. Should education be free and available for all?
  4. Should alcohol be strictly banned all over the country?
  5. Is technology a boon for the society or is it the other way round?
  6. Is online chatting and social media interaction safe anymore?
  7. Is music these days as good as that of the 90s?
  8. Which is the most popular form of art and why?
  9. Can financial crisis in a particular nation ever be stopped?
  10. Should educational institutions be more liberal and embracing?
  11. The negative impact of Smartphone in today’s world
  12. Can there ever be an alternative to death sentence?
  13. Why is politics still considered “dirty” by some people?
  14. Why is it mandatory for students to wear school uniforms?
  15. Why is abortion treated as one type of unethical practice and crime?
  16. Can technology ever develop chips that can control human minds?
  17. Is the political infrastructure of your country fair and democratic?
  18. “True Love” – Reality or Myth?
  19. Can social media platforms fetch us substantial money if utilized efficiently?
  20. Can music be ever kept limited to a boundary?
  21. Are social media activists fake in real life?
  22. Are we still in need of televisions?
  23. Is there a more effective mode of communication available other than using mobile phones?
  24. Why dies females prefer dating older men?
  25. The impact of globalization –Pros and Cons
  26. What is good parenting? Is the present generation devoid of it?
  27. The impact of corporal punishment in academic institutions – pros and cons
  28. The impact of peer pressure on teenagers –pros and cons
  29. Are the religious preaching these days adding true value to the lives of followers?
  30. How far is it fair and acceptable to keep animals in zoo?
  31. Reincarnation – Is the phenomenon a myth or reality?
  32. Are movies as good as books?
  33. Will the world ever introduce a permanent cure for cancer?
  34. Are vegans more likely to lose weight effectively?
  35. Animals being used as research subjects; How far is it acceptable?
  36. How far is the concept of co-ed schools acceptable in today’s society?
  37. Is it fair for companies to consider children as target audience?
  38. How far are school homework exercises useful these days?
  39. Are effective are gun control laws in today’s world?
  40. Is caffeine bad for your health? Why?
  41. Should there be a compulsion for students to study
  42. What is the impact of gender on education?
  43. The influence of parenting on nation’s literacy scale
  44. Is there still a scope for print media to flourish in today’s world?
  45. Should there be a compulsion on the usage of Smartphone in school?
  46. Do you think there should be politics within college campus?
  47. Should there be peer pressure among students?
  48. The influence of digital marketing on start-up businesses
  49. Should we still consider the traditional teaching methods effective in today’s world?
  50. Is artificial intelligence blessing or a curse?

While there were only a few of the most sought-after and effective argumentative essay prompts, you can always choose to go ahead and explore other uncommon and interesting subject matters by yourself for exemplary compositions in the long run.


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