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Blog >>12 Ways To Vanish The Academic Stress From Your Life

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12 Ways To Vanish The Academic Stress From Your Life

Young students should have every reason to be happy, but ironically, it has been discovered that as the generation with the least accountability, today’s youngsters are prone to the most amount of stress. Amidst all the aspects that are an inseparable part of a student’s life - be it managing the finances, friendships, romantic relationships, part-time jobs, family issues, and numerous other activities, academics have to feature at the top of the priority list. And more often than not when they don’t perform well in their class, it is reflected in their personal life as well. 


As a student, you are often torn between attending college and part-time jobs. Most of your leisurely hours are spent worrying about you assignment deadlines and feeling anxious about the future and career prospects. Managing all these things can be quite overwhelming, and can even take a toll on your mental health. You would often find yourself applying for an internship to make your resume strong or you’re working to earn some extra money instead of enjoying your holidays. And in the process of working too hard and stressing too much, you suffer the inevitable burnout when everything seems pointless, and you feel drained out.


Now, what if we tell you that leading a stress-free life is possible even amidst all the pressure being a student you need to endure. Sounds unbelievable? Well, listed below are some tricks that you can adopt to maintain a healthy and anxiety-free life, and also excellent academic performance. 


1. Go through your course requirements carefully


When you are in high school, it isn’t too difficult to manage 5-6 classes along with other extracurricular activities. But the entire scenario changes when you get into college. The amount of assignments you are assigned with has a direct link to how caught up (read: anxious) you’ll be throughout every semester. The difference between the number of units you have to complete before each semester may seem achievable, but the difference is huge (and you realize that only when you get down to study). If you're feeling flustered with the amount of studying that you have to do, it'd be better if you go through some units you'll be required to study. 


2. Join a study group


You may be spending the better part of the day studying for your class and tests. But if you're not meticulous with the process, all the time spent with the books might actually be contributing to more anxiety and stress.


In this case, you can join a study group. That way it will be helpful for you to get things done promptly (well, procrastination can also contribute to stress, after all), help you to grasp the study materials more efficiently, and help you to indulge in some social time while managing your assignments. If there isn't a study group in your class, you can take the initiative and start your study group to banish the assignment woes collectively.


3. Learn how to study more meticulously


If you are clueless about how to be more meticulous while studying, it won't matter whether you study alone or in a group. Always ensure that all of your endeavours to study are focused on what your brain needs to register and decipher the study material.


4. Seek guidance from a classmate or peer


Every class has those students who will possess a better understanding of the materials than the others. You can ask one of them to help you with your studies. If you don’t know who to talk to, you can ask around some of the academic assistance offices on campus to check if they provide peer tutoring facilities. Otherwise, you can also ask your professor if he/she can suggest someone who can help you out with your studies.


5. Your Professor can be a great resource


Your professors can be your greatest ally in countering the academic stress you go through while pursuing a specific course. While it may be intimidating to open up about your problems to your professor initially, but he/she can support you to determine what material to emphasize on.


He/she can also help you to understand when you're particularly clueless about a certain topic or offer their advice on how to efficiently prepare for an upcoming test. After all, nothing works better in eliminating the academic stress than knowing that you are prepared for the tests.


6. Make sure to attend classes on a regular basis


Even though you professor may only be revising the material that was already studied in class. But he/she can elaborate on some additional information on the particular topic that may prove to be useful for your exams. Also, having someone else read through the material after you’ve already studied the piece will help you to retain it in your mind. Additionally, if your professor notices that you've attended his/her classes every day but are having issues with a certain topic, he/she might be more interested in helping you out.


7. Try to indulge a little less into the non-academic activities


While it’s possible to get carried away with all that's happening around you in college, but never lose sight of the primary reason you’re in college, i.e. to graduate.
Remember that the fate of your career prospect is at stake when you’re going to college. This simple fact should be enough to motivate you to fulfil your commitments when your stress level starts getting a little out of hand. If you can’t spare sufficient time to pursue your non-academic activities without causing stress later, take a moment or two to decide and prioritize what you have to do. 


8. Maintain a balance in your life


With so much to plan for and so much to accomplish, it's natural for you to forget that taking care of yourself can like magic for preventing stress and anxiety. Make sure you're eating healthy, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and exercising regularly. 


9. Take breaks to stay focused during the time of exams


No matter how hard you try, it’s not possible to maintain constant focus without exhausting yourself. This is why you should take short and frequent breaks to unwind so that you can come back to studying or writing with a fresh perspective.


10. Try to maintain positivity


So you’ve missed a deadline. While you can’t change what's already done, but you can certainly learn from this mistake. Now you know it’s better to plan for your assignments. The trick is to look at failure with a little positivity.


11. Listen to good music


Listening to soothing music can have a calming effect on your mind and can put you in a better emotional and mental state. So the next time you encounter any stressful academic activity, remember to put your headphones on.


12. Laugh


It isn’t for nothing that they say laughter is the best medicine. Laughing your heart's content promotes oxygen and blood flow which automatically decreases stress.
It’s important that you don’t take life too seriously to lead a happy and fulfilling life. Make sure that you spend time with your loved ones, stay away from social network and, give yourself some respite. It's about time that students should realize that when there’s so much to deal with in their academic life, stress shouldn’t add to it.

Putting these tips and tricks to use ensures that nothing can hamper your academic progress. 


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